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Enterprise Briefing
  C&S is the first modern household paper manufacture company in mainland China which has been successfully listed in Shenzhen stock exchange. Our company has seven production bases in Zhongshan, Jiangmen and Yunfu of Guangdong, Chengdu of Sichuan, Jiaxing of Zhejiang, Xiaogan of Hubei and Tangshan of Hebei, with a sales network radiating to six biggest areas of east, south, west, north and middle of China, HongKong and Macao. We are selling our products far to the overseas markets such as the Southeast Asia, Middle East, Australia and Africa.
Strategic Layout
  Seven production bases, distributing in East, South, West, North and Middle of China, connecting to all distributors and more than 700 sales networks and covering 2000 cities all over China.
The Best Equipment Of The World
  Promoting development by depending on technical progress,our company introduced advanced paper-making
equipment and product supplementary equipment from countries and regions as Japan,Korea,ltaly,Taiwan and
Germany successively.
  Advanced technology and highly automatic equipment improve the production capability of our company, thus
further satisfying the increasing market demand and increasing endless motive for construction and development
of the enterprise.

The Best Raw Material Of The World
  The purchase of raw materials directly decides the quality and standard of future finished products.On condition
that the high quality is guaranteed,our company works out strict green purchase standard.Relating to the chemical
of the raw material purchase,suppliers' environmental protection will be reviewed at first.

The Best Quality Of The World
  First-class raw materials and manufacture top quality. C&S is already approved IS0 Quality Management System Certification, we also refers to HACCP food safety management system while strictly incoming inspection control program, for monitor the source of health, good product quality.


  C&S has passed IS09001 Quality Management System Certification,having the strictest monitoring system on product quality. Three multiple steps of quality inspection are undergone before the products being delivered to the customers,ranging from full filtration and inspection of imported raw materials, health and safety full flow inspection and monitoring in the process of production, to high density of spot-check on finished products. Each of these processes is strictly controlled, layers of supervision, ensure that consumers are provided with the highest quality health products.
Mechanism And Talent


  C&S Paper Company Limited carries out the management system of Leading Cadres’ Responsibility Policy, with consulting between departments and decision making by team. Leader should take the responsibility, managing with systems and human nature. The person in charge should have the ability of organizing upper leaders and subordinates, and the courage of responsibility undertaking as well. Leaders should have right, responsibility and benefit, and accordingly distributing benefit, responsibility and right to others.
   C&S gives each person opportunities by setting up Duty Instructions, Job Scoring Card, Performance and Assess Contract.


  Talented people in C&S Company are always preferentially promoted after open examination and interview. Clerks promoted have voting-right and right of being selected.
  C&S has also made a Career Planning for each employee, and a three-step-training system to provide on-the-job training courses to the new hands. There is an internal lecturing systems set up of our own. For those excellent lecturers, they will be awarded after being examined and verified, and some even be promoted.
  No pain no gains, treatment will be upgraded for those whom has special contribution and well-performed employees.


  C&S also set up policies of rewarding, talent recommending, recruiting and civilization and any clerk who has improved and innovated will be rewarded.
  A hot line linked to Chairman Office, GM Office and to Human Resources Dept. is equipped for easy way for problem reflecting.


  C&S sets up a Foundation of Love which is to finance the difficult families, furthermore, C&S has supporting policies, to provide financial and legal support to those who has difficulties and disputes.
  To maintain the contact and relationship with the resigned employees, we prepare gifts for them for Chinese festivals and they will also be invited to attend the important events of the company.
  Every year when Chinese festival comes, C&S will have allowance, products of our own and other gifts such as rose, chocolate etc. for our employees.
  C&S also sets up a policy of maternity leave for husband, and to open green light for pregnant women.Smoking is not allowed unless permitted by other attendants and must be in the open air.
Mechanism And Talent


 In accordance with the cooperative policies of “Open, fair, no internal decision, supportive and harvest-sharing”, C&S always maintains good relationship with customers.


 A project biding policy is also developed. All contract awarding is strictly carried out according to the policies, all bidders must be on-the-spot investigated, and be graded at worksite by the members of the auditing team.


 C&S sets up a Tendering and Bidding System for huge amount purchasing of significant projects, bidding issuing,evaluating, scaling and contract signing is to be performed by the bidding team.
 A Distributor Evaluation System, Training System and Distributor Manual have been established.With the aim of surpassing the cooperation and being integrated, C&S is to develop and to win the markets together with all agents/distributors.
Our Future

C&S Paper co.,Ltd.