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Company Welfare
  Love Assistance
C&S sets up a Foundation of Love which is to finance the difficult families, furthermore,C&S has supporting
  policies,to provide financial and legal support to those who has difficulties and disputes.
  Festival Welfare
Stuffs will receive cash allowance or products of our own or other memorized gifts (such as rose/chocolate
  for Valentine’s Day, Zongzi for Dragon Boat Festival etc. ) when festival comes, like Spring Festival,Valentine’s
  Day,Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day,Christmas etc.
  Living Welfare
Dessert, Cold tea Allowance, Labor Protection Sugar, Household tissue paper, Housing, Annual body check,
  Daily health care products, Patient visiting fee, Marriage gift, Allowance for meals etc.
  Paid Vacation
Including Maternity leave for Delivery woman and husband, Marital leave, Annual leave, Industrial injury leave,
  and legal holidays.
 Insurance Welfare
Staff is insured with social insurance, including Retirement, Injury, Jobless, Basic Hospitalization and Maternity

Reward System
C&S sets up some rewards like Morality and Practices Reward, Coordination Award, Suggestion & Complain
  Reward, Study and Innovation Reward, Technique Innovation Reward, Management Innovation Reward,
  Intellectual Property Development Reward, Contributions Reward.
The Civilization Quality Reward is set up purposely for the stuff at the first working line in Production Dept,
  Materials Dept., Human Resources Dept. in all branches.
For Talent recommendation, any candidates recruited by the company for more than 3 months, the references
  will be rewarded.
Jobs Recruiting

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